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Pat Boquard in her studio in Tucson
Pat Boquard at her studio in Tucson

Primary Representation

Studio 119 - Splinter Brothers Warehouse
901 N. 13th Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85705
(520) 235-2128


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     We can’t guarantee that a painting you have selected is still available. However, similar themes may be, so contact us.

   This website will be updated regularly based on new work,
pieces sold and pieces on exhibit.

   If you appreciate Ms. Boquard’s work and you own or know a fine art gallery that is interested in showing it, please contact us and we will try to arrange it.


     With a full price deposit, you may view any painting in your home before you buy it. E-mail us with your name and address and the name of the painting you want to see. When we have received a deposit for the full price of the painting we will ship it to you. If you do not want to buy it, you have fifteen (15) days in which to return the piece.

   When the painting is returned in the same condition as it was sent, your money will be refunded. Please E-mail for more information.

   Unless otherwise noted all works are painted in oils.     

    All work is © Copyright P. Boquard. Worldwide rights are reserved by the artist and may not be reprinted without the written permission of P. Boquard.

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